In healthcare the need to deliver good care, improve processes and empower well-being of customers plus the shortages in healthcare workforce has made many caregivers and insurance companies embrace a digital mindset.

Digital transformation involves the adoption of new and existing technologies to improve efficiency and better care at the same time. Concerns around privacy and protection of data have led to thinking of a new way to develop digital healthcare services and adopt a security by design approach. Our development teams are putting this aspect into practice building new applications that lead to an improved customer experience.

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Enhancing AXA Health's private medical insurance proposition

Did you know that over 5% of all searches on Google are healthcare related and that the healthcare patient journey often begins online? 

AXA Health recognised that there was a demand for clear and easily accessible healthcare resources that would support individuals to manage their own health and be the best version of themselves. Their idea was to create a health and wellbeing app that offered access to a variety of expert-led programmes in areas such as sleep, mindfulness and fitness, along with a suite of self-care services, such as health age calculators and mental health assessments. The app would support their wellbeing proposition for corporate clients, and open up new market opportunities for individuals beyond just private medical insurance. WORTH partnered with AXA to bring their vision to life, and to provide the technical and product expertise needed to turn their innovative idea into a go-to market solution.

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Advancing genetic research with a digital platform

Twins provide a unique resource for genetic research. The Dutch Twin Registry contributes to scientific research into twins, with the aim of investigating the contribution of genetic predisposition to growth, development, personality, disease and risk factors for certain disorders.

Since the foundation in 1987, data from participants who were willing to collaborate on scientific research have been kept up to date. By completing questionnaires, they make an important contribution to scientific and medical research into the development of behavior and health in children and young people. 

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Addressing digital wayfinding for healthcare providers

Missed hospital appointments or patients showing up late to appointments is a challenge that many healthcare providers face, and the estimated cost to the NHS is thought to be in the millions.

Technology has the potential to make life easier for patients, and can improve appointment efficiency for healthcare providers through digital wayfinding. WORTH chose to address this challenge and conceive a solution that would provide in-hospital navigation to your appointment via a mobile app.

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