As we have grown over the years, so has our potential impact on the planet and the communities around us.

By nature of our business we aim to be socially responsible and run a series of giving back initiatives


Our motto “Explore more” portrays the way we encourage our people to be curious and improve themselves. We facilitate their personal growth with tailor-made plans and budget for training, conferences and coaching.

Acquiring knowledge, however, is not only offered by formal education. We believe that learning from fellow team members is just as valuable. At Worth, we have formed a guild structure where employees within the same discipline have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences.

We believe that diversity makes us stronger as an employer and as a partner to our clients. Because co-creation with diverse teams results in great outcomes. With currently 16 different nationalities, Worth has created an inclusive working environment where everyone can be themselves and excel.


We endorse the importance to save and protect our environment. Being a digital agency, we effortlessly embraced a paperless office years ago. Consequently, we implemented the policy of waste separating.

When moving to our own building in 2020, we had the opportunity to execute our ambition of a sustainable company even more. The building was renovated with re-use of the existing materials and infrastructure. Besides, we strive for an energy efficient working environment by introducing smart IoT systems for lightning and climate control.

Knowledge sharing

Worth is happy to contribute time, resources and profits in order to help the community and support sustainability. During the Covid-19 pandemic we started digital volunteering activities to help non-profit organisations worldwide with technical challenges.

The importance of digital technologies is growing and is part of the backbone of society. With over 17 years of experience with digital solutions, we love to share our experiences with NGOs, universities, start-up communities and charities by hosting sessions, workshops or doing pro-bono projects together. A recent example is a food hackathon where we've helped smallholder farmers in Uganda.

We are an official partner of the incubators Yes!Delft, Venture Cafe and Impact City where we support start-ups during their growth process on a pro-bono basis.