Full-service digital agency Worth Systems celebrates 20-year anniversary

Twenty years ago, in February 2002, Ernout van der Waard founded Worth Internet Systems at his kitchen table. He was a Software Engineering student driven by a passion for connectivity and digital. Over the past two decades, Worth has grown into an international agency with branches in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and South Africa. It now employs over 100 people in various disciplines: from UX designers to developers, scrum masters, testers and security specialists.

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Worth is known for the speed and knowledge with which it brings high-quality digital products to the market, together with the client. We are among the first agencies in the Netherlands to demonstrate that there is no need for a traditional ‘big bang’ approach or lengthy transformation projects. We can do this because we work closely with clients and use the best technology and talent, letting the client act as product owner. This creates an agile team with clear business objectives that can quickly bring digital products to market.

New generation software builder

From the start, it was clear that the key challenge for companies that want to bring a great digital product to market is having a well-balanced team. Even large organisations can struggle with a lack of expertise in their teams or with retaining it. Outsourcing software development is a logical consequence, but it doesn’t always have the desired result.

"We often see that IT has become an obstacle for organisations, because it has become far too complex or unwieldy."

says Ernout van der Waard, founder and CEO of Worth Systems. "While you actually want to be flexible. It should be simpler, faster and more lightweight. At Worth, our self-managing teams run like speedboats. They’re fast and agile, and they have all the expertise on board to achieve your goal: security, design, development and infrastructure."

From idea to impact

Whether tackling visa issues for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, enabling content marketing via coffee machines for Costa Coffee, or reducing waste of fresh fruit and vegetables for Euro Pool System, we have what it takes to help businesses with digital challenges.

We like to work with larger organisations that are looking for speed and agility, but we are also here for scale-ups and SMEs, innovators and sustainable businesses. We recently started a collaboration with BBBLS Energy Saving Greenhouses to develop a solution to optimise the operation and energy efficiency of greenhouses.

Another recent collaboration involved partnering with an experienced team from Carv on an intelligent meeting platform that helps organisations create a more efficient hybrid work experience.

Ernout: "From my start at the kitchen table 20 years ago until now, working together on innovative ideas has been the common thread for me. I look forward to another 20 years of helping companies advance and enabling them to win in the digital league."

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