Launching our new office in South Africa

It’s been a year since the UK first went into lockdown and we mark the occasion in a slightly unusual way — by launching our new office in Stellenbosch's infamous Technopark, near Cape Town, South Africa.

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Despite the disruption of the ongoing pandemic, Worth continues to expand to meet the needs of our growing portfolio of clients, and with that comes company expansion.

Why South Africa, why now?

Worth is already an international organisation, with offices in the Netherlands, as well as the UK. As the birthplace of tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, and home to many flourishing tech outfits, South Africa was the next logical step.

Mark McNally, CEO and co-founder of Worth commented: “We’re excited to continue our international expansion by opening our first office in South Africa. South Africa provides a significant opportunity for us to develop closer ties with our global clients and establish new relationships with local organisations. Stellenbosch is flourishing as a technology hub and we’re keen to draw on the resource and local talent that can be found in and around the area.”

Recruiting the best talent

At Worth our mission revolves around creating impactful technology solutions that work for users, and for this we need the best teams. Over the last 12 months we have onboarded 21 new staff across all our offices and we’re keen to keep growing.

We’re passionate about finding the right individuals, who match our company culture and are geared towards helping our clients achieve their goals. Stellenbosch has much to offer a growing technology firm and we’re keen to scale up from South Africa and ensure we’re even better placed to meet the needs of our future clients.

At Worth we’re often recruiting for like-minded talented individuals. Check out our vacancies page for current opportunities.

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