Our commitment to Open

Open Source by default

At Worth we believe in the power of open source to empower businesses and foster innovation. We champion the principles of open source software, recognising its ability to liberate our clients from the constraints of proprietary solutions.

By leveraging open source technologies, we ensure that our clients are not locked into a single vendor or platform, fostering a landscape of flexibility and choice. This commitment is driven by our belief in the democratization of technology, allowing businesses to adapt, scale, and evolve without being dependent on a closed ecosystem. Embracing open source not only enhances collaboration but also provides our clients with the freedom to tailor their solutions to meet unique challenges, future-proofing their investments in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

What does open source mean at Worth?

  • We publish the open source code we work on so everyone can benefit.
  • We share source code with our customers, so they can decide who they best work with on their systems.
  • We apply open source components and support them before we build new ones.