Enhancing AXA Health's private medical insurance proposition

Revolutionising healthcare solutions for customers through self-service mobile app technology.

Did you know that over 5% of all searches on Google are healthcare related and that the healthcare patient journey often begins online? 

AXA Health recognised that there was a demand for clear and easily accessible healthcare resources that would support individuals to manage their own health and be the best version of themselves. Their idea was to create a health and wellbeing app that offered access to a variety of expert-led programmes in areas such as sleep, mindfulness and fitness, along with a suite of self-care services, such as health age calculators and mental health assessments. The app would support their wellbeing proposition for corporate clients, and open up new market opportunities for individuals beyond just private medical insurance. WORTH partnered with AXA to bring their vision to life, and to provide the technical and product expertise needed to turn their innovative idea into a go-to market solution.

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A self-service mobile app

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We delivered change within AXA Health

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Technology we used

The type of team used

How we delivered

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The overall approach enabled delivery of the mobile app at scale, as well as a platform framework that could be easily reused by the client for future projects.

Ernout van der Waard

Large scale mobile app production

We provided access to real-time user behaviour by building in data analytics for fast, early feedback. - Built a vertical slice through a simple user journey to discover infrastructure and security constraints, and ensure the right tools and technology were applied from the start to meet compliance requirements.

Next to that, we built a cloud-first platform framework that fitted with the client’s existing infrastructure model and contained easily reusable patterns to enable them to reuse the framework for future projects.

And we introduced code analysis tools to drive up quality and security metrics.

Team guilds shared best-practice, and threat-modelling workshops to maintain security awareness. 

Total approach enables large-scale production of the mobile app

In order to stay ahead of the competition and get early feedback from users, AXA needed an Agile delivery partner to modernise their product development approach, and provide a quick route to market. To help achieve this, Worth: 

  • Built out a sustainable product roadmap that included dependency mapping, leadership alignment, and agile bootcamps, to get teams aligned with new ways of working, and to ensure that the app was delivered on schedule.
  • And built the IOS and Android version of the app in parallel in short, continuous, iterations to allow for new features to be developed in response to feedback, dependencies, and directional change. This included analysis of CI/CD bottlenecks, in order to apply focused enhancements and reduce build times by 80% from initial performance.
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We’ve seen a huge internal impact, and we feel confident that it’s the right way of working. We have created a culture of change and have pivoted the way we create a product. We’ve learnt a lot about designing a product with a customer, rather than for a customer.

Calvin Mills

Tech Lead


Ready to scale-up

The initial wellbeing app was ready for user testing after only 6 months of development time, with the final product available to download in app stores after just 12 months.

Through partnering with Worth, AXA health were able to launch the app to market on schedule, making it the first app developed by AXA health in the whole of the UK.

Following a successful initial pilot launch that received positive feedback from a number of large corporate organisations, AXA are well positioned to continue enhancing the product in the run up to a broader market launch.

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