Streamlining a mobile first e-commerce process

Making dreams come true with a refreshed lottery ticket purchasing journey

As one of the seven Nederlandse Loterij brands, Eurojackpot is fast growing with a large number of online players. With a high weekly jackpot and a low buy-in ration, the brand shows enormous potential for further growth. The Nederlandse Loterij wished to expand its older customer base to appeal to younger generations and offer a fresh experience.

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A refreshed lottery ticket purchasing journey

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What was delivered

We delivered change within Dutch National Lottery

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Since go-live, conversion rates have increased remarkably: not only the number of weekly transactions increased significantly, also the transaction value shows a huge improvement.

Ernout van der Waard

Using the right tech

Worth made the new mobile-first web experience possible by embedding an agile approach with user experience designers and software engineers working closely to align design, and directly implement feedback from testing with the digital build process.

Worth worked together with various parts of the business and their stakeholders to focus on customer needs, resulting in a mobile-first web experience that ensures a smooth journey and high conversion rates on mobile devices. 

New website for EuroJackpot

To help the brand mobilise on its ambitions, Worth was tasked to develop and design the new Eurojackpot website, including:

  • A digital revision of the brand identity
  • Total refinement of the customer journey
  • Implementing a new technology stack which would streamline the system architecture while also serving as a solid technical foundation for the other lottery brands.

The new site for Eurojackpot had to meet NLO engineer stack standards. To meet these expectations, the technologies utilised include:

  • VueJS as frontend framework
  • Razor as server side template rendering
  • .NET + C# as backend framework
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Working with Worth was a pleasure. Their pragmatic approach to difficult problems and easy-going cooperation, made it possible to create a Eurojackpot site that translates the brand values perfectly, and makes purchasing tickets as well as checking winnings, effortless.

Richard van der Vliet

Product owner


Bouncerate and loading times reduced by half

Customer buying behaviour has changed due to new interaction patterns and by designing and developing mobile first, page load times have been cut in half.

Bouncerate and loading times reduced by half

Enhancing performance and weekly turnover.

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