At Worth, discovery teams combine service design, tech leadership, and delivery expertise to initiate your projects. At this crucial early stage, we focus on laying a strong foundation, identifying and addressing potential challenges. This approach ensures your project starts on solid ground, with a clear, strategic direction, paving the way for smooth, efficient execution.

The Discovery Team is essential for risk reduction and project success. By tackling unknowns early on, we prevent costly revisions and delays that can occur later in the project lifecycle. Our proactive strategy leads to a more streamlined transition to full-scale delivery, saving time and resources. Engaging the Discovery Team means investing in a smoother, more efficient project journey from day one.

It's a multidisciplinary effort

Key roles in this team

Service Designer

A Service Designer within a development team is a key architect of user-centric experiences, focusing on understanding and enhancing the end-to-end service journey. Their role involves deep collaboration with stakeholders, UX designers, and developers to visualize and optimize service delivery. Service Designers employ empathy, research, and prototyping to craft solutions that not only meet user needs but also align seamlessly with business goals.

The benefit of having a Service Designer in the team is the creation of well-orchestrated and user-friendly services, enhancing overall user satisfaction. Their holistic approach ensures that the entire service ecosystem is optimised for efficiency and effectiveness, leading to the development of products that resonate with users and deliver a superior user experience.

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Core role

Agile Delivery Manager

An Agile Delivery Manager plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the seamless execution of projects within a development team. Tasked with optimising the delivery process, they bridge the gap between stakeholders and the development team, ensuring clear communication and alignment with project goals. By championing Agile principles and methodologies, an Agile Delivery Manager enhances team efficiency, fosters collaboration, and promotes adaptive planning.

The primary benefit lies in their ability to streamline workflows, mitigate risks, and drive consistent delivery of high-quality products. With an Agile Delivery Manager on board, teams experience improved project visibility, reduced time-to-market, and a heightened capacity to respond effectively to changing requirements, ultimately leading to project success and client satisfaction.

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Core role

Tech Lead

A Tech Lead in a development team acts as a crucial bridge between the team's technical efforts and the broader objectives of the client's organization. Beyond guiding the team's technical development and decision-making, they play a pivotal role in liaising with the client's technical leadership. This involves aligning the project's architecture and technical processes with the client's enterprise-wide architectural standards and ensuring integrity across systems.

The presence of a Tech Lead in the team brings the significant benefit of ensuring that technical solutions not only meet immediate project goals but also integrate seamlessly with the client's existing and future technological landscape. Their expertise in balancing technical excellence with strategic alignment fosters a collaborative, efficient, and effective development process, leading to solutions that are robust, scalable, and fully aligned with client needs and industry standards.

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Core role

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