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Meet our Agile Software Implementation Team, a multidisciplinary unit crafted to ensure efficient and seamless software deployment. With minimal dependencies and a diverse skill set, this team excels in Agile methodologies, including Scrum and Kanban, facilitating rapid and effective software implementation. They adeptly blend discovery and analysis with hands-on delivery, starting with a robust planning phase. This approach ensures that the software not only integrates smoothly with existing systems but also aligns perfectly with your business objectives and workflows.

This team's foremost advantage is its ability to deliver software solutions quickly and effectively, minimizing disruption to your business operations. Their comprehensive approach, from thorough planning to execution, guarantees a smooth adoption and integration process. By working in Agile cycles, the team can adapt to changes and feedback, continuously refining the software to meet evolving business needs. This results in a highly tailored solution that not only fits your current requirements but is also scalable for future growth.

It's a multidisciplinary effort

Key roles in this team

Agile Delivery Manager

An Agile Delivery Manager plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the seamless execution of projects within a development team. Tasked with optimising the delivery process, they bridge the gap between stakeholders and the development team, ensuring clear communication and alignment with project goals. By championing Agile principles and methodologies, an Agile Delivery Manager enhances team efficiency, fosters collaboration, and promotes adaptive planning.

The primary benefit lies in their ability to streamline workflows, mitigate risks, and drive consistent delivery of high-quality products. With an Agile Delivery Manager on board, teams experience improved project visibility, reduced time-to-market, and a heightened capacity to respond effectively to changing requirements, ultimately leading to project success and client satisfaction.

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Core role

Business Analyst

In a software implementation team, the business analyst plays a crucial role in aligning technology with business needs. They start by analyzing the current business processes, gathering detailed information through interviews and data analysis. This deep dive into the existing system allows them to identify areas needing improvement. The analyst then outlines a clear future state, creating a roadmap for change that guides the implementation consultants in developing and deploying software solutions.

The business analyst acts as a bridge between the technical team and stakeholders, ensuring that the software development aligns with business goals. This role significantly reduces project risks by ensuring clear communication and understanding between all parties. The benefits of this approach include more efficient implementations, higher stakeholder satisfaction, and a better alignment of the new software with the strategic objectives of the organization, ultimately leading to enhanced operational efficiency.

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Core role

Implementation Consultant

In a software implementation team, the implementation consultant is pivotal in aligning the chosen software with the organisation's specific needs. They bring a deep understanding of the software's features and capabilities, working closely with the product owner and the business analyst to tailor the system according to the identified business processes and requirements. Their role involves configuring and customising the software, ensuring it integrates seamlessly into the existing workflow and meets the organisation's objectives.

The presence of an implementation consultant in the team brings significant benefits. They provide technical expertise and practical guidance, ensuring that the software deployment is not only technically proficient but also user-centric and aligned with business goals. This leads to a more efficient implementation process, reduced disruption, and increased user adoption. Their role is essential in translating business strategies into effective technological solutions, thus enhancing the overall value and impact of the software investment for the organisation.

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Core role

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