Time to Give makes supporting a worthy cause easier for younger generations

The platform for private and business donations to charities

Does this seem familiar? You’ve come home from work or school and are sitting at the table. The doorbell rings and someone from a charity is at the door. Often, it’s not the right time. Time to Give’s Camiel Mulders asked himself whether there might be a platform where you could take control of which charities you donate to, shifting your donations from reactive to proactive. This is all the more attractive when you consider that traditional ways of fundraising such as door-to-door canvassing and telephone sales are becoming less popular. The Time to Give website is the perfect solution.

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A donation platform supporting all non profits in The Netherlands

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What was delivered

A donation platform supporting all non profits in The Netherlands

We delivered change within Time to Give

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How we delivered

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Time to Give came to us with a concept idea, supported by a number of visual designs. We found out from people from the target audience what they think is important when donating. We mapped the ideas of Time to Give and the input from the target audience and the team together into a complete user story map, creating a shared view of where we want to go. By prioritizing the core of the service and value for users, we defined small, incremental versions of the product (slices). No big design up front, but designing small pieces every time, which could also be implemented soon afterwards. A usability test on one of the first versions on both mobile smartphones and desktop, gave us a lot of feedback. Do people get the concept? What do they think? What needs to be improved in the future? In this way, Time to Give is optimized even further.


Usability tests to quickly validate ideas

We started with a rough design and a few sketches. To get from this idea to a working platform, we had to take several steps. First, we needed to get a complete picture of the end product, so we used story mapping to determine what needed to be built. By slicing the desired features (i.e., making them smaller), we could reduce the complexity and identify dependencies. For each element, we developed versions for user testing and obtaining feedback.

The platform has been launched among various user groups in the Netherlands. While the focus is still on private donations, scaling up to the business world is on the horizon. Several large organisations have already expressed interest. In other parts of Europe, donating via your salary is already a well-known concept. The platform thus has been built in such a way that it can later be easily scaled up to include new target groups like corporate donors.

Launch Time to Give and change the world of giving

Time to Give is for individuals and companies who would like to give something back to society. It’s a unique way to support charities, either on your own or as an organisation. Your donation doesn’t start with choosing the charity, but with making a promise to give something back. Hence the name Time to Give. You decide which charities you want to support and how you will distribute your budget at any given time, either on your own or through your employer.

That is a goal for which Worth’s developers and designers were happy to make an effort, so Worth developed the platform for private donations for free.

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The collaboration with Worth Systems just felt right. Making small steps towards a final product gave us many new insights. The user tests helped us direct the concept and prioritise certain issues, such as the platform’s security. Without Worth, we would have overlooked these kinds of important issues.

Camiel Mulders



It’s time to give back!

Smart interface: personalisation for donors

Safe environment: donate without worries

Future-proof technology: easy upscaling

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