Create products that people love to use

At Worth you will create products that have an impact on large groups of users.

Working at Worth will inevitably lead to making memories of a lifetime, personal & professional growth and making new friends.

Work at Worth

It all started at the kitchen table of Ernout, our CEO and in his own time, a big IoT enthousiast. 20 years ago, 100 Worthies, 3 offices worldwide and dozens of clients further, we're still driven by making an impact for our end-users. What do we do? We fix problems with tech. Our purpose? In the morning, after a good cup of coffee, stripping the product of everything meaningless. In the afternoon, after lunch, we add value to our products. At night, we enjoy the fact that we provide a higher quality of living to our users. Don't you want that aswell?

At Worth you're responsible for your career. We do everything in our power to make it a worthwhile journey. We do this by providing training and personal counselling through your own mentor. We take your well-being seriously. Do you feel good? Big change that you're doing a great job too.

Pssst, if you join us, you receive your own barista training for our fancy coffeemachine.

Brands with social impact

We believe in putting effort in things that improve society.

Talented co-workers

We love to learn with and from each other.

Flexibility to do things your way

You are a professional. You decide what’s best

Don’t leave yourself at the front door

You’re welcome with everything you have

User driven

We build products for users, with users

Tech savvy

We like to try new things and see what works best